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With Up | MyZurichLife, building a solid plan for your finances becomes simple. Take control of your present and plan for your future with our free financial tool.

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Why Up | MyZurichLife?

Savings with a purpose

Set a goal-oriented savings plan that keeps your dreams within reach.

Secure your retirement

Set your retirement aspirations with helpful insights and recommendations to optimise your plan.

Fortify your future

Gain insights into your coverage needs and how to best preserve your financial wellbeing.

    Up | MyZurichLife Features

    Build your own retirement plan in minutes

      Track your investments, expenses, assets & debts. Add your education, travel, or property goals and dreams. We want you to achieve financial freedom! Get a complete picture of all your finances with us.

      Data security is our highest priority

      We know your personal data is precious, so we take great precautions protecting it. Including Microsoft Azure Certification, regular third party audits of our system and end-to-end encryption to assure confidentiality.

      The future at your fingertips

      Get the big picture

      Get a comprehensive view of your finances and how individual elements can impact your overall plan.

      See for yourself

      Simulate multiple scenarios to see how much you need to fund a comfortable retirement or survive rainy days.

      Take action

      Consult a Zurich Wealth Planner and put your plan in motion.